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Yoga & Mindful Movement

Discover the Transformative Power of Yoga Mindfulness

In the clamour of our daily routines, where stress often takes precedence, there lies a powerful practice—yoga mindfulness—that beckons us to slow down and connect with the present. It’s not just about stretching the body but also unfolding the mind’s potential. This journey through yoga and mindfulness offers a treasure trove of benefits that we can harness for our personal well-being and within our professional lives.

The Essence of Yoga Mindfulness

What exactly is yoga mindfulness? At its core, it’s about merging the physical benefits of yoga with the mental clarity brought by mindfulness. This combination is an antidote to the common ailments of the modern age—stress, burnout, and chronic pain. It teaches us to navigate discomfort, whether on the mat or in the throes of a challenging day at work, with grace and awareness.

Mindfulness in Business

Yoga Mindfulness for Health and Well-being

Mindfulness for health isn’t a new concept, but its integration with yoga offers a refreshed approach to holistic health. Techniques such as mindfulness-based stress reduction take us through practices that help in managing stress, enhancing concentration, and promoting a more restful state of being. Through regular practice, yoga mindfulness helps in rewiring our response to stress, encouraging a healthier, more balanced life.

Mindful Movement in the Corporate Sphere

It’s not just individuals who stand to benefit from mindfulness; businesses too can reap the rewards. Incorporating short, focused sessions of yoga and mindfulness into the workday can lead to reduced stress levels, improved focus, and a happier workforce. The benefits of mindfulness in the workplace are becoming so clear that many forward-thinking companies are actively encouraging these practices.

Mindfulness Yoga Workshop
Yoga Practices for Every Body

Yoga Practices for Every Body

Yoga is for everyone. Regardless of age or fitness level, there’s a yoga practice that’s suitable. Whether it’s gentle stretches or more involved poses, the key is to connect the movement to the breath, creating a meditative flow that nurtures both body and mind.

Frequently Asked Questions About Yoga Mindfulness

Are there specific “yoga practices” suitable for managing “pain and illness”?2024-05-14T13:54:30+00:00

Yes, certain yoga postures and mindfulness techniques are specifically designed to address pain and illness. Gentle yoga sequences can help alleviate physical discomfort, while mindfulness and body scans can aid in understanding and managing the perception of pain. It’s important to consult with a healthcare professional or a certified yoga instructor to find the right practice for your specific needs.

Can yoga mindfulness really help reduce stress in the workplace?2024-05-14T13:53:55+00:00

Absolutely. Yoga mindfulness is a powerful tool for managing stress, thanks to its ability to promote relaxation and mental clarity. Even brief sessions can help reset your stress levels during a busy workday. Companies are increasingly recognizing these benefits and are incorporating yoga and mindfulness sessions into their wellness programs.

What is the best way to get started with yoga mindfulness for a beginner?2024-05-14T13:53:18+00:00

The best way to begin your yoga mindfulness journey is to start small. Dedicate just a few minutes each day to practice simple yoga poses followed by a short meditation or breathing exercise. Consider joining a beginner’s class or using online resources tailored for newcomers. The key is consistency and patience – allow yourself to grow into the practice at your own pace.

Why Choose Mindful Impact for Yoga Mindfulness?

Mindfulness practices such as meditation and body scans can also be adapted to fit into any schedule, paving the way to relieving pain and reducing stress.

The integration of yoga mindfulness into our daily routine is more than a practice—it’s a lifestyle change that promotes living well, irrespective of the stresses that come our way. If you’re intrigued and ready to start, resources are plentiful, from books to online courses, all designed to guide you on this path.

So, why not take that first step today towards a more balanced and mindful way of living? Contact us today to learn more about yoga mindfulness.

Mindful Impact provides effective strategies for integrating mindfulness into the workplace. For an overview of our services, please refer to our services brochure.

Mindful Impact for Yoga Mindfulness

Some Of The Companies We’ve Worked With


“I would like to thank Mark for the wonderful time he spent with my team, learning various mindfulness techniques. We will be working with him in future to bring a happy and harmonious working environment for all in our work place.”

Danielle Stephenson, Director, Select NRG

“Mark has hosted several sessions and provided resources for the Chamber team and through us for the region’s business community. This has included workshops on desk yoga and mindfulness, and pre-recorded videos which were shared on social media.” Mark’s work has always been insightful, striking the perfect tone of approachability and professionalism and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend him for the services he can provide to teams and to business leaders directly.”

Arlen Pettit, North East Chamber of Commerce

“Thank you for the excellent Work Life Balance Mindfulness session today. First class and great to see you again!”

Steven Redpath, Your Homes Newcastle

“Mark has an extremely calm manner and helps ground you to get you on mindful path, meeting Mark has been wonderful and he has taught me how to meditate and helped me gain my confidence after an extremely difficult period. I was able to start setting intentions and get myself organised again, thank you Mark I appreciate all your coaching and guidance.”

Kate Armstrong

“Mark has been delivering a Desk Based Yoga session weekly via Teams for us at P+HS for a couple of months now. We thoroughly enjoy it with his clear instructions and expertise. He responds to feedback and provides a slightly different session each week whilst maintaining continuity. Some who have practiced yoga for years have learnt things too! I’d highly recommend Mark!”

Jessica Newton, Architect, P+HS Architects

“Mark is an inspirational coach and mentor. I would recommend anyone to go to him for help with establishing a mindfulness-based approach to both professional and personal matters. I have hugely benefited from his input over the last 4 months.”

Jamie McCabe, Partner, Keoghs LLP

“Mark has been instrumental in developing our Mindfulness at Work Programme. He has delivered monthly mindfulness coaching sessions to our staff, all with a different theme and work-based focus, and the feedback we have received from the staff has been incredibly powerful. Staff have said they have developed techniques to help improve their working day as well as personal.”

Gemma Graham, Head of Marketing, Robson Laidler Accountants
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